Fashion, Boudoir, & Glamour Photography

Fashion Photographer Jon Elder captures the enthralling beauty and chic style of every subject with glamorous boudoir or head shot photography in Jamestown and Buffalo, NY. Jon Elder utilizes in-depth photographic expertise to bring silver screen allure and flawless elegance to each vivid shot.

Powerful colors, fluid positioning and adept technical brilliance bring each professional photo to a new level of stunning beauty. Each photo reveals the model’s individual style in daring arrangements, seductive stares, powerful poses and confident composure. Showcase your stately grace on photographically enhanced fantasy backgrounds or make an edgy statement with artistically designed urban sets. Professional glamour photos present a show-stealing series for your modeling, fashion or acting portfolio as well as an irresistible, heart-stopping gift for that special someone.

Modeling and glamour shots include photographic enhancements, complex sets and exotic props to complete your perfect vision. To schedule your own artistic, frame-ready glamour portraits, contact Jon Elder Photography.